Conscientious Breeders List

This site does not endorse any particular pls breeders, but is here to help you learn how to go about looking for the right breeder and also to help the breeder recognize a poor pls buyer. Do not be fooled by the number of years a person has been breeding or the look of any kennel. Beware of anyone who does not let you see their kennel or home of meet at least one parent of the puppies you are interested in.   As a pls buyer make sure you ask the right questions, you are asked the right questions, and everything feels right to you.  A good breeder will not pressure you into buying a puppy and beware when you are told there is only one left and you need to decide now.  Doing your homework and taking your time is part of the process which will bring success in the end.

As a good pls breeder you need to recognize a poor pls buyer when you see one.  Their key interest should not just be cuteness, because we all know Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies are adorable little balls of fur.  They should not be overly interested in the color or the price.  They should already from their checking into the breed know much about it, but they should show an interest in you, your breeding practices, test results, etc.

Both the pls breeder and the pls buyer should be asking the right quetions, many of which are listed previously on this site.  The condition of your kennel or home situation  is  no less important than the home to which the Polish Lowland Sheepdog will be going. Both parties play a role in making the decision a final one.

What does a healthy PON look like at 1 week?


It is also highly recommended you speak to several breeders before buying a  Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppy.   It is also important that you keep a  written  record of your reactions as you learn about the breed and the breeder.  Click on the PDF file below and use the MY BREEDER RECORD to record what you learn about the breed and how you feel about each breeder. It's nice to mentally remember, but after speaking to a few  breeders iit is easy to get them confused.  And remember convenience does not always make it the best breeder for you.  Print out copies of the PDF file below to help make a good choice.