"Learn Before You Leap"


PON puppies are adorable little, fuzzy balls of fur.  Don't let this fool you!  Anything they learn when young they will expect to do as adults and they will remember they have done it.  Save trouble later on by properly  socializing and training your puppy now.  It is much easier to instill good behavior than undo bad behavior!

PON Puppy Training

Training  intelligent herding dogs like the Polish Lowland Sheepdog  is easy if you socialize and train correctly. A puppy can be very stubborn and you cannot let this deter you.   PON training  requires training that is not only fair, but is firm, positive, and most important consistent.  Family members should sit down and decide what rules you want to use in your PON puppy training.  Every member of the family should adhere to the rules if you want a well-behaved PON, and ultimately a well-behaved Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies will quickly determine who will follow the rules and who they can manipulate...you must determine the rules of PON puppy training, not the.puppy. When they are born training begins with the breeder and should just be a continuing process when you get them.  PON puppy training is the best gift you can give your new puppy!
 Visit the American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Association to learn from experienced breeders and owners....one of the main goals being to educate new Polish Lowland Sheepdog owners and help them in any way they can.   Any Board member of the Association will be more that happy to help you with your PON training, as will many of the members.     While there, visit the Events and Gathering Calendar to see where you may meet other PON owners . Getting to know others  who have raised Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies will help you learn more about the breed than you could ever imagine.

There are many methods to use when training Polish Lowland Sheepdog puppies.   The main thing is to attend classes with a trainer who uses positive re-enforcement methods .  Polish Lowland Sheepdog  puppies train much better when praised for good behavior rather  than punished for misbehavior.   A class is also much better than a private trainer because your puppy is exposed to many different people and other dogs...all important to the socialziation process!






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